Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Search Marketing is vital to your Business

For this page we will try to give you a brief description of Search Marketing and prove how important it is to your business.  Let’s start with the general understanding of the term.

The definition of Search Marketing is very straight forward.  It is he process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.  Seems easy right?  The concepts is very easy but the process is a massive undertaking.

Now that we have the definition we can break down the two major groups withing Search Marketing.  Paid and Unpaid or SEM and SEO.  There is a good chance that if you found this site you are familiar with both of these terms or at least have heard them.

Search Engine Marketing is often referred to as PPC, Paid Search, or Paid Advertising

These campaigns are most popular in text ads (google adwords) or display ads and the two campaigns are typically used for a purpose and a complete, well rounded Paid Search campaign.  We could get really deep in discussing Paid Search but the purpose here is to stay high level.  More posts will come on this topic on our blog.

Search Engine Optimization is the unpaid portion of Search Marketing campaigns and is the larger more dominant twin of SEM.  SEO is the holy grail, the king of all things internet marketing, the big money maker, and the thing most marketers are struggling with every day of their lives.  First page, organic rankings are what every internet marketer lives for and SEO is the practice of developing and connecting the right pieces to please the Search Engines in a way that will keep them in your good graces.  SEO is where most companies spend oodles of money with hopes of seeing results, someday. It’s a topic that we could and will write on for months and most likely years to come. We have been asked this question many time…”How do we get to the first position in Google?”  The question is so easy to ask but the answer could take months of research, sweat, stress, and agony.

Our goal when taking on clients for SEM and SEO projects is full disclosure

SEM is expensive and we work with our clients to help them understand where their money is being spent, and how that money is earning them new customers. We test, measure, evaluate and repeat  SEM campaigns on a frequent basis to ensure our Paid Search efforts are being utilized to the best of their abilities.  In regards to SEO, we like to partner with our clients by starting with a free evaluation of their website and provide them with action items that will help move their site in the right direction.  From there we will build a strategy that will deliver better search rankings and ultimately more leads.

SEM and SEO are very challenging marketing programs that require industry specific knowledge.  Our team of marketing professionals are always learning new tactics to help move our clients in the right direction.