Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is all the rage with Marketers

Since the creation of Facebook back in 2004 this marketing tactic has grown and taken over as the buzz for companies all around the world.  Let us be clear about our thoughts on Social Media Marketing.  Is having a presence in Social going to flood your sales staff with leads or provide your business with a massive increase in sales?  No, it probably won’t.  Is it important to have a Social presence?  Absolutely!  Our goal here at MB Marketing Group is to work with our clients on getting an understanding of each Social Media platform and determine the best way to spend time creating a Social presence.  It’s that simple.

Social Media Marketing Goals

The majority of our customers are small businesses with limited marketing resources so our goal is to help them focus their time on finding the best way to gain a following on Social Media.  Each business is different and creating a blanked policy towards Social Media Marketing for our customers isn’t going to work and quite frankly it’s what makes us better than some of the big box marketing companies.  We spend time to learn the business and make suggestions on how to optimize and engage with customers and potential customers.

One example of our strategy would be working with a retailer.  Our goal would be to interact with customers while they are in the store and get them to share their experience with their friends and followers.  We would do this by working with certain platforms such as Yelp, FourSquare, and Facebook.  Twitter and Instagram wouldn’t really be our primary Social targets for this type of business because it doesn’t provide the best possible solution for connecting with as many people as possible.  Instagram is a great Social Media Marketing tool for a dry cleaning business.  It would allow them to share before and after pictures with their followers and possibly involve their customers with sharing before and after pictures for a discount.

Don’t spend too much time on Social Media Marketing

Our hope in providing these two examples is to help our potential clients understand the value we can bring to consulting on Social Media Marketing strategies.  We speak with too many businesses who spend hours each week on Social Media and they are using platforms that don’t provide the best connection potential with their customers.

Let’s work together to maximize the reach of your Social Media Marketing!