Our Mission

Our Mission is pretty simple.  We want to Help Small Businesses Master their Market through affordable, and effective Marketing Programs.  What does that mean?  Marketing for small businesses has gotten more and more complex and it’s a difficult task for many business owners who wear multiple hats each day to completely understand what is going to help their business more the needle.  Through our years of experience we have worked with many business owners who try different marketing initiatives but never see the results they expect.  They are often sold a dream by a company that just isn’t obtainable.  Here are two things we have heard our competitors say but we will never say to our clients:

1. “We guarantee you will be on the first page of Google”.  If a company makes this claim it’s a red flag to end the conversation and run.  It’s one we have heard other companies make many times and honestly is a tactic used just to get you to sign up for service just to create the relationship with a goal of up selling you to other services at a much greater price down the road.  To put it simply, there is no company out there that can guarantee you will always show up on the first page in search results.  It’s just too competitive and difficult to make this claim.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing make changes to their algorithm many times per year to ensure only legitimate businesses who are deploying the correct Search Engine Optimization Strategies will show up in the results.  Often times companies will go from page 1 to 3 or 4 in a few weeks due to the fact that they are trying to fool the algorithm.  Marketing agencies or companies that make this guarantee are often times the ones that are using aggressive tactics that push the limit of the search engines and it could be catastrophic for your business.

2. “Our Company can get you on the first page of Google by next week”.  This is a claim that is used most frequently because the marketing company knows the customers has aggressive goals.  The reality here is depending on certain circumstances, it can take weeks if not months to move up to the first page in the search engines.  A proper search engine strategy is like building a house from the ground up.  You must start with a correctly poured, well thought out foundation and build it piece by piece from the ground up installing different features over time.  There is no on/off switch for showing up in the search engines.  If your website has a poor experience or poor foundation it will take time to rebuild it and develop the proper pieces to show the search companies you have fixed the issues.  Don’t be sold by a company making aggressive time frame claims.  A reputable Marketing Company or Marketing Agency will be upfront and honest about the time it will take to see results.  This isn’t a way for them to bill you for a long period of time while doing little to no work on your strategy.  It’s just a matter of the steps that need to be taken in order to see results.  Remember the saying Rome wasn’t build in a day?  Well, neither are first page rankings.

Back to our Mission, we want to help you avoid these two common sales tactics that many companies use and help you develop strategies that will help your business grow today, tomorrow, and 2 years from now.  We will never take on a client that we don’t believe we can help.  Our goal is to be the best Columbus SEO Company that helps business owners grow their business through successful marketing strategies.  If we don’t believe we can help you reach that goal we will end the relationship, remain friends, and let you find another company that might be a better fit.