Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

This is a question we get all the time from our customers or from small business owners who are trying to gain a better understanding of this ever changing marketing vehicle.  We wish there was an easy, one line answer to this questions but it’s best to provide the answer in a more elaborate format.

Digital Marketing has developed due to the demand of businesses to understand the results of their marketing spend in real time.  Prior to the technological developments of the past twenty or thirty years, marketers weren’t able to gather statistics at the moment of spend.  In today’s marketing world we are able to measure certain campaigns right down to the moment the customer makes a purchase.  This is Digital Marketing at its finest and can provide an immense amount of value to businesses where each marketing dollar spent is heavily scrutinized.

We can make things much simpler if needed but that won’t add much value to our website or to gaining a better understanding of Digital Marketing.  To put it simply, Wikipedia defines Digital Marketing as the use of electronic devices such as personal computers, smart phones, cell phones, tablets, TV’s, and game consoles to engage with customers.

What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?

If we think of the simple definition of Digital Marketing and the need to manage spend on a right now basis we have the building blocks to modern day Digital Marketing.  The combination of being in front of potential customers using devices and having the ability to report and analyze marketing spends in real time is a perfect storm for any business trying to make the most of their budget.

We assist our customers in developing these programs and putting the systems in place that will allow them to measure the success of each Digital Marketing program.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend X per day or week and be able to attribute that X spend to Y sales at the end of the day or week?  There are many different Digital Marketing programs available for a business to explore but which one will be best for your business?  Which one will provide you with the best ROI?

These questions are exactly what MB Marketing Group will work to provide for your business.